5 Principles To help you interpret the Bible Faithfully

Five Principles To help you interpret the Bible Faithfully
1. Read the whole Bible with the Hero of the Bible in mind.
2. Prioritize context over preconceived concepts.
3. Don't hide the meaning looking for a hidden meaning.
4. Don't allow unclear verses to make the Bible unclear.
5. Cultivate Holy Spirit application rather than cultural acclimation.

3 ways to Shape Your New Year

In light of the change that the Gospel facilitates here are three ways to shape your new year that I believe will help the church strike a biblical balance of engaging and loving our communities while continuing to grow in holiness as a set apart body of believers that is experiencing redemption in the here and now as we long for that day when our redemption is fully realized

Righteousness and Peace Kiss

The psalmist anticipated salvation drawing near, and of God's glory dwelling in our land (v.9). That is Christmas! Peace became a man so that peace could be given to all mankind. At the birth of Christ, Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kissed each other (v. 10). This is a fantastic description of the incarnation of Christ!